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The Schematic Design Phase includes:

  • Conferences with the owner after which the architect studies and analyzes the project requirements (needs assessment & site analysis).
  • Preparation of Schematic design studies consisting of drawings arid other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of project components.
  • Preparation of probable construction cost.

The Design Development Phase includes:

  • Preparation of more detailed developmental drawings and other data relating to building appearance, structure, mechanical and electrical systems, construction materials and finishes.
  • Submittal of a more detailed statement of probable construction cost.

The Construction Document Phase includes:

  • Preparation of working drawings and specifications describing in technical detail the construction contract work to be done.
  • Assistance in preparation of information for bidders, bidding and proposed contract forms.

The Bidding and Negotiation Phase includes:

  • Advising the replica watches uk owner about the qualifications of prospective contractors.
  • Assisting owner in obtaining bids in awarding the construct contract.

The Construction Phase includes:

  • Administration of the construction contract including site inspection of the construction process.
  • Preparation of supplementary documents as required.
  • Review of shop drawings for conformance to contract documents.
  • Review of the contractor’s schedule of values.
  • Review of contractor’s application for payments and determination of the appropriateness of such.
  • Preparation of change orders.

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